Speakers and Worship

Who better to talk about the next generation of Messianic Judaism and its impact on our lives than us! A generation ago, our parents were in our place and they blazed a trail that most likely affected all of us. Many of us grew up with the faith system they set up and we can truly learn from them still. However we also realize that as the world changes, and Judaism changes and Christianity changes, the trends are more apparent to us and we know how to affect our generation who will in turn be leading messianic Judaism, like our parents did. We are excited to have speakers who will present new ideas, alter old paradigms and cast vision. It is up to us to interact with those ideas and blaze a new path, utilizing what came before and inspiring our movement into the future.

Speaker Noam Hendren

Noam Hendren is a well-known Bible teacher and congregational leader in Israel. He has co-founded and pastored two Israeli Messianic Congregations and currently co-leads Congregation Or HaSharon in Netanya. He particularly enjoys investing in the lives of his students as senior lecturer at the Israel College of the Bible and as a teacher for the post-army Lech Lecha ministry. Noam also serves as the chairman of the National Evangelism Committee. 

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Worship with Randy Sigulim

Randy Sigulim was born in Tiberius, Israel.  His family were not believers when tragedy struck and his father passed away.  Through the help and support of a local congregation, his mother became a believer.   His faith was lukewarm during his teenage years, but it wasn’t until he was drafted into the Israeli Defense Forces that his faith matured and grew through his searching, yearning and convictions.  He left the IDF as an officer because he wanted to serve the Lord!

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Speaker Alan Shore

Alan Shore is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has served as a pastor and instructor in biblical studies at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia. For over twenty years, he has traveled with A Chosen Vessel a one-man dramatic presentation on the life of the Apostle Paul, which he has performed over 400 times in churches, learning institutions and community theaters throughout North America.​

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