Speaker Noam Hendren

Noam Hendren is a well-known Bible teacher and congregational leader in Israel. He has co-founded and pastored two Israeli Messianic Congregations and currently co-leads Congregation Or HaSharon in Netanya. He particularly enjoys investing in the lives of his students as senior lecturer at the Israel College of the Bible and as a teacher for the post-army Lech Lecha ministry. Noam also serves as the chairman of the National Evangelism Committee. 

Noam is the author of “Ha-ish Ha-Hu” (האיש ההוא - “that man”, Yeshua is sometimes referred to this way in the non-believing Jewish community), a retelling of the life of Yeshua in its Jewish and historical context (published in Hebrew and Russian), and was a contributing editor to the Annotated Hebrew New Testament, the first study Bible in Hebrew.

Originally from Los Angeles, Noam first came to Israel in 1974 when he spent his senior year from UCLA at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After returning to the US, Noam met his wife, Joan, a Messianic Jew from New York City, who was a Jewish Studies major at UCLA. Together they determined to follow God’s call to serve Him in the Land.

Noam completed his ThM degree in Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary in 1980. Noam and Joan made Aliyah in 1982. They have two wonderful daughters, Ayelet and Roni.