Muchan Israel

Come join us after Muchan for 7 days serving in Israel! If you have the time and want to travel and serve, now is your opportunity.  If everyone has been to Israel before and seen these sites, we can easily change touring opportunities to more extreme options, like caving, archeological digs and hiking etc. Serve with our long term staff in all sorts of ministries as well as take some time to discover the Old City of Jerusalem, roam the hills in the Galilee and swim in the Dead Sea. While in Israel, you will take part in ministry to Holocaust Survivors through home visits, special events with a meal and music and seeing their beautiful smiles.  As well, we serve the poor and needy in our Jerusalem Distribution Center and cater to single moms who need help around their homes as well as a cup of tea and a chat. You can’t come to Israel and not discover the best falafel joints, drink a hot cup of nana tea and hear some great Israeli music. Who knows who you will meet along the way that you can share your faith with – a café, a music hall or while shopping for trinkets in the market.  Israel is ready to hear God’s word – come and share!

When: January 4 – 11 (right after Muchan ends)

Where: Based in Jerusalem at Chosen People Ministries Jerusalem Messianic Center (JMC)

Who: No more than 10 people

Price: $700 USD includes your food, lodging, transportation and touring while in Israel. You will need to get your own flights to and from Israel. 

How: If you decide to serve in Israel with Muchan Israel, you can support raise through Chosen People Ministries from your congregation, friends, family.  They will support your ministry outreach in Israel as well as the training you will receive in Muchan Prague. That means you can ask for $700 for Israel as well as the $250 in Muchan. In total, $1000 can be raised to cover this amazing opportunity of outreach in the Land and a time of growth and Bible teaching in Prague.

Why: You will have so much fun in Prague with your new friends! Why not continue on to Israel and serve the Lord together sharing our Message?