Come join us for our fourth international Messianic young people’s conference — Muchan in Prague, Czech Republic

Our past Muchan Conferences have studied together, “Identity, Community, Action” , “Cultivating a Faith that Dares” and  “Ready to Go Viral” (a study of Acts).  Now we want to take it back to the core, the center, the essence of our belief – Who is Yeshua and how did He transform our world…..and us!

He was revered and yet controversial in his words, goals and customs.  For some, He is the object of worship.  For others, He is reason for persecution.  He loved His people.  He worked with the rich and the poor, the lauded and the scorned.  He healed and taught, prayed and raged.  He was the most dynamic personality to ever live and He conquered death and rose again. He is called wonderful, Rabbi, good, Messiah, prince, Lord, the Way, the Shepherd, the Healer, the King. He illuminated people’s understanding about the coming kingdom and how they could be part of it. He compels those who hear and read His words to share this good news with the world.  He is Yeshua, the salvation of God.

He said their was good news, that we could be part of his kingdom.  He showed us He could heal, that He was humble, and that He wasn’t willing to compromise on the message of God.  He was willing to go against the prevailing wisdom and orthodoxy and he didn’t water down the Truth!  Yet, he prayed fervently, sought time with his Father and showed all sorts of emotions.  He did all this in face of tension and pressure from the Establishment.

He wasn’t simply a tool to provide a path from man to God and eternity.  He is the eternal earthly and heavenly King.  For those of us who have responded to His invitation, He now calls us to be transformed by Him to be like Him.  

What is it about how He conducted Himself, how He communicated, how He prayed, How he taught, How He humbled Himself all for His message, that can apply to us?  In reality, learning from God who became man will transform our lives every day and will propel His kingdom forward! We are ready to put on Messiah and be transformed!

He was born in Jerusalem to a family of musicians, where his love for the arts began at a young age.  He and his family have been honored to travel the world blessing people with biblically inspired Israeli music.

She was born in the USA and has been singing since her first words.  She has sung with music teams in LA and Chicago, before moving to Jerusalem with her husband.

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